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Specialty Products
Stains are arcylic paints of the highest quality with a creamy texture for easy one-coat coverage. The easy to use flip top squeeze bottle makes it very popular with hobbyists.
Designer Glazes are easy to use in a range of colors specially formulated to be used like a conventional underglaze as an in-glaze to give majolica effect or as an on-glaze. They come in a 2 oz. squeezable bottle. To use: apply one-three coats as desired. (one coat is translucent goint to opaque at three coats). Clear coat & fire to 04 and 06.
Classic Glazes compliment the designer glazes. They give total coverage & to act as the basis for the majolica effect. They come in pint jars or bottles. These glazes are un-leaded & food safe. To use: apply 3 coats & fire to 04 and 06.
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