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1.) I will hold a rabbit for you if I receive a 50% deposit (non-refundable or exchangeable) on the price of the rabbit. We must settle on a date that you will pick up the rabbit or I will deliver the rabbit to a show. Otherwise, rabbits are sold on a first come, first served basis. I will only hold the rabbit until the date agreed upon unless I feel the rabbit is not ready to be removed from my rabbitry. If the rabbit is not picked up by the date agreed upon, the rabbit will be sold without a refund or exchange of the deposit. I only accept PayPal, cash, money order, or certified checks from the bank. I DO NOT accept personal checks. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

2.) I guarantee that the rabbit is free of disease or illness for two weeks after the purchase date. If any illnesses or death occurs before the two-week period expires, I will reimburse the purchase price of the rabbit. I MUST BE informed about the illness BEFORE the two-week period expires and I require proof of the illness or death. Anything brought to my attention after the two weeks WILL NOT be reimbursed or replaced.

3.) If purchasing a junior, I cannot guarantee their senior weight. Most likely, juniors I sell will fall within the weight requirements. Since variations occur after leaving my care, I cannot guarantee what their senior weight will be. I also cannot guarantee breeding capabilities on junior rabbits. If the rabbit is purchased before six weeks of age, it may be hard to ensure the sex accurately. Occasionally, a split-penis buck will appear to be a doe before six weeks of age. Therefore, I cannot guarantee the sex prior to six weeks of age.

4.) Occasionally breeding problems occur that will not show up until the rabbit is of breeding age. Rabbits purchased as proven breeders have performed in my rabbitry. I cannot guarantee future breedings as circumstances change once they leave my rabbitry.

5.) Buyer is responsible for checking over the rabbit for disqualifications or faults before final sale. Buyer will note any disqualifications or faults on this sale form, below, prior to taking possession of the rabbit. I will not refund or exchange any portion of the sale price for disqualifications or faults after the final sale is made.

6.) I cannot guarantee the temperment of a rabbit. Certain situations can make a rabbit behave differently. Therefore, I can only guarantee a rabbit's temperment while it is at my rabbitry. If you have behavior problems after you get it home, please contact me to discuss.

7.) Since we breed live animals, we reserve the right to TERMINATE A SALE AT ANY TIME AND AT OUR DISCRETION if we feel that the welfare of our rabbit(s) is/are not best served by the sale. This will be determined solely by Cute & Cuddly Rabbitry and it's agents. Our commitment to the ARBA, TRBA, and HLRSC include either a written or an assumed responsible breeding program and sales should not interfere with our interpretation of that commitment.

8.) I am always willing to answer any questions or concerns!
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